Prototype – Parts, Components, and Cost

We're going to use a method similar to a powered wheelchair. It can be steered, moved forwards or backwards, and has two-wheel rear drive. Also, when it stops, it doesn't move easily because of the gearhead in the motor. This could be helpful, especially downhill. A joystick is perfect for this because you can control how fast and in which direction (forward or backward) each motor turns with just one lever.

Wike Special Needs Extra Large Bike Trailer

Conversion will be done on the Wike extra large trailer. My brother weighs 95lbs and he is 4’11” tall so we chose the extra-large version because it can accommodate an occupant up to 5’10” tall and 150lbs in weight. Our conversion design will also work on the regular-size special needs trailer. Both models are very spacious, safe, and offer the best comfort. All parts and components will be mounted directly on the Wike frame to make it look stock and professional. 

$1,099.99 USD

L Faster Dual Motor Kit

This is a 500W Motor Left / Right Dual Drive (250W per motor), high-speed brush with gear decelerating. This set includes a joystick control and a wireless remote. It comes with chains and extra sprockets for spoked wheels which should easily be mounted on the stock Wike wheels. When paired with a 24v battery we should be able to achieve speeds of up to 12kph which is around 6.2mph on 20" wheels. Perfect walking pace. This kit does not require a separate controller that you typically need on e-bike kits. The controller is built into the joystick. Remote can be given to occupants to operate the Juria on their own. 


24V 30Ah Battery & Charger

The 20Ah version is also fine. I chose the 30Ah to give us more running time. With 30Ah we should be able to run the two 250W motors for at least 2 hours. 


Motor Bracket and Plate

These are custom made brackets and a plate. These will be mounted directly on the Wike frame eliminating any need to redesign the frame or the canopy. The bracket will allow us to adjust the chain tension with hex screws. This is a simple plate that can be ordered through custom online CNC machining services such as Xometry by uploading our CAD files (CAD files to be provided soon). 

5.25” Quick Release Axles 

The stock push button release axles on the Wike are 5”. Longer axles are needed to accommodate the sprockets that will be mounted on the stock Wike wheels. 


High Traction Tread Tires (Optional) 

Wike wheels come with KENDA 20” x 1.75 tires that are mostly suitable for paved surfaces. I recommend replacing the stock KENDA with high-traction tread tires that will offer more traction offroad and in snow. 


Front-wheel fork

The extra-large Wike model is only a trailer and cannot be used as a stroller. It comes only with a towbar. Both large and extra-large models will need a custom fork that will allow to attach a swivel wheel (possibly two swivel wheels). The fork design is still in progress. Check back for updates. 

12” Swivel Pneumatic Front wheel

The front wheel will most likely be pneumatic. I want something with a natural rubber tube tire that not only cushions but also absorbs shock, to ensure a smooth ride. A wide tire design will provide stability, particularly on rough surfaces. The swivel wheel should have a high-quality swivel caster with a ball-bearing raceway, for easy maneuvering.


Check back for updates, drawing, CAD files, and a complete BOM. 


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