Ju·ria ˈju̇rēə - The name

I am often asked about the meaning of “Juria” so here it is. The name Ju·ria, pronounced ˈju̇rēə, carries a deeply personal significance within our family. Ju·ria derived from the word "stroller." From the time my brother was a baby, he loved the outdoors and spending time in the woods on trails – especially in the comfort of his stroller. Hikes and long walks became his most cherished activity, it was a sensory and soothing experience that relaxed him and kept him calm.

My brother has apraxia of speech (AOS) so communicating was always a challenge for him. AOS happens when the brain has trouble coordinating the oral movements of the mouth and face needed to pronounce words, so many of my brother’s words were hard to understand. Nevertheless, from a young age, my brother persistently attempted to speak, verbalize, and connect with those around him. One day he started saying Juria, and wouldn’t stop until we figured out that he was referring to his stroller and asking to go for a walk. 

It took weeks for us to unravel Ju·ria, and it was so powerful that Juria became synonymous with stroller for the entire family. After years of hard work, practice, and PROMPT therapy, Simon can now say stroll·er (ˈstrō-lər), however, we still call it “Juria” and it will stay like that 😊. 


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