About the Juria Project

Our focus is on creating an adaptive electric stroller that caters specifically to the needs of individuals with disabilities and allows them and their families to enjoy hiking trails, beaches, dirt roads, and forests just as we all do. This is not an electric wheelchair, an All-Terrain Trackchair, or a robot that requires extensive training and comes with a hefty price tag. The Juria is a stroller that fills a gap that's been overlooked in the adaptive equipment world.

In the status quo, the market offers wheelchairs and robot-like vehicles, but they often miss the mark for many individuals with special needs. Some people require the comfort of a stroller-like configuration, complete with a canopy enclosure for protection from the elements. Others may have sensory issues and prefer the security of an enclosed space. And for those like my brother who can't sit upright for a long time as required in a traditional wheelchair, the options become even more limited.

For the past 5 years, my brother has been using the WIKE, an adaptive stroller/bike trailer that addresses many of these needs. The WIKE is available in a few different sizes and configurations and can accommodate individuals up to 150lbs and 5’10” in height. This is an awesome product, however, it lacks the electric power and assistance that could truly make it a game-changer.

That's where the Juria Project steps in.

We're taking the WIKE and giving it the electric boost it needs by incorporating electric motors and fat tire wheels, that are easily accessible and commonly used in the electric bike industry. We will document the design on our blog and open-source it to anyone in need. The goal is to assist individuals with disabilities and their families in converting their WIKE or a similar adaptive stroller into an electric-powered assistive stroller. We will help with funding and building the Juria.  

Visit often for updates on our design process, stories from the community, and tips on embracing the outdoors with adaptive equipment. 


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