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Ju·ria ˈju̇rēə - The name

I am often asked about the meaning of “Juria” so here it is. The name Ju·ria, pronounced ˈju̇rēə, carries a deeply personal significance within our family. Ju·ria derived from the word "stroller." From the time my brother was a baby, he loved the outdoors and spending time in the woods on trails – especially in the comfort of his stroller. Hikes and long walks became his most cherished activity, it was a sensory and soothing experience that relaxed him and kept him calm. My brother has apraxia of speech (AOS) so communicating was always a challenge for him. AOS happens when the brain has trouble coordinating the oral movements of the mouth and face needed to pronounce words, so many of my brother’s words were hard to understand. Nevertheless, from a young age, my brother persistently attempted to speak, verbalize, and connect with those around him. One day he started saying Juria, and wouldn’t stop until we figured out that he was referring to his stroller and asking to go fo

Proof of Concept

The video below demonstrates a proof of concept design that allows for an early-stage design that tests the idea of what is to become the finalized Juria Project. I used a partially built Landworks Utility Service Cart and Wheelbarrow  for the motor and throttle configuration as well as the early-stage power source. The Wike Jogging Stroller was then mounted on top. Although there are several flaws in this configuration, including the center of gravity in turn with stability, as well as practicality and feasibility by factors such as all-terrain capabilities and battery life, this early stage concept seeks to paint a blurry picture of what is to become of the Juria.